Rival Yachts: Rival Owners Association

The ASSOCIATION provides help and encouragement to all owners, whether in their home waters or undertaking long distance cruises. It also provides a forum for discussion about alterations to existing boats and advice regarding completion of hulls. 

This web site  contains articles on cruises and technical subjects submitted by members.  Membership of the association also gives access to the original drawings and specifications.

The ROA committee are looking for more members to join them. Members of the committee take on tasks such as organising events for our areas (Vice Presidents (VPs)) and putting together articles for the website. More help would be welcomed, particularly from someone willing to be the Editor in Chief of the website content, to help keep the website vibrant and up to date.   We are currently seeking VPs for the South West and Ireland.  We are also open to suggestions regarding VPs for new areas.  If you would like to contribute, in any capacity, then please contact the secretary, Cathy Lacey, whose details can be found here.

The ROA is a global association and we would welcome committee members from all locations. The farther reaching the group the more representative we can be of our membership. Modern communications allow us to stay in touch remotely and operate committee meetings via Skype.



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ROA Facebook page

The purpose of this Facebook group is to provide another place for owners and lovers of Rival yachts to discuss sailing and cruising wherever they may be, for new or prospective owners of Rival yachts to get help and advice from the old salts; for general conversations about cruising destinations, our boats, our cruising goals, and life in general as it relates to cruising, sailing. upgrading and generally maintaining Rival yachts. This will also provide a place to contact local owners and perhaps arrange informal meets at local anchorages or marinas. This is a closed group and all posts will be approved before posting to reduce the likelihood of any spurious posts or spam links. Please introduce yourself to the group, where you sail/cruise etc.

Holyhead Rally

Glenn Bancroft is running a Holyhead rally on Saturday 17th June. Please see the events page for more information.




Our Regional Areas are the social heart of the ROA, holding events such as rallies, meals and seminars throughout the year.

For sale

Members can add items from yachts to fenders and everything in between. If you have an item for sale, please list it here.