Rival Owners Association

Rules for the Peter Brett Trophy

1.                  The Rival Owners’ Association’s first award is to be known as the Peter Brett Trophy. 

2.                  The award is to be given annually, upon the adjudication of a judge or judges, appointed each year by the management committee, in accordance with the following rules. 

3.                  The judge or judges may withhold the award if, in their opinion, no cruise or sufficient merit has been entered. 

4.                  If being more than one, the judges cannot agree they shall refer their disagreement to the committee, whose decision shall be final. 

5.                  The award is to be given to a member of the R.O.A. for a cruise in a Rival yacht, the log of which was written by the owner, partner or unpaid crew member who has made a major contribution to the running of the yacht. 

6.                  A cruise may consist of a single voyage or series of voyages made during the current year, or previously in the case of an extended cruise, but reported upon in the relevant year’s Rival Round-up Magazine. 

7.                  In deciding the award, the judges shall have regard to the following:

            a)      The cruise as an achievement, considering the route, weather, size of yacht, number and age of crew (if under 18) and the time available.

b)      Seamanship under all conditions.

c)      Navigation and pilotage.

d)      Valuable information provided.

e)      The narrative as a readable story.

f)        A contribution to the good name of the Rival as a cruising yacht, or an improvement to its performance or gear.

8.                  All articles submitted for publication in the Rival Round-up shall be regarded as being entered for the competition unless the author specifically states in writing to the Editor his or her wishes to the contrary. 

9.                  The winner shall be announced at the A.G.M. of the R.O.A., or at the dinner immediately after, next following the decision, and published in the newsletter following the A.G.M. 

10.              The winner shall give an undertaking in writing to the Hon. Secretary to return the Trophy to the Secretary, or to such other person as the Secretary shall direct, at least 14 days before the next A.G.M. or at such other time as the Secretary directs.   The Trophy shall not be taken out of the U.K. and shall at all times remain the property of the R.O.A.  The winner will receive a small memento or plaque to keep. 

11.              All articles submitted for publication in the Rival Round-up shall if possible be typewritten in double spacing, on A4 paper in duplicate.  The article shall include a heading or cover page showing:  the author’s name, address and telephone number (if poss.), name and size of yacht, number and age of crew (if under 18), area visited and length of text to nearest 500 words.  A rough track chart showing the route, ports, anchorages etc. may accompany the article, together with an appendix listing times, engine hours, pilotage notes and technical information where not included in the narrative. 

12.              The article shall be written as a narrative in a reasonably informative manner, and shall not be over-burdened with minor details of unimportant courses, distances, etc.

The Trophy