Rival Owners Association



We are considering ways of promoting friendship and joint activities between the various local ROA groups.  In particular, we have active groups in Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA that have much less opportunity to interact with other Rivals than does the bulk of the membership in the UK. 

A weekend for the B/NL/GB members

This is now arranged for March 14-15th and details are elsewhere on the Events page.

‘Transatlantic’ Rival rallies

The idea is to arrange joint rallies on each side of the Atlantic, in alternate years.  European and American members would fly over to sail as crew/guests on members’ yachts on the other side of the ocean. Rob Johnson, our US VP, has had some expressions of interest already.

This will take quite some organizing, so it is uncertain whether we should be looking at 2009 or 2010 for the first event, and also on which side of the Atlantic it would be.  Please will anyone interested, whether in the European groups or the US, to contact either the Secretary or their local VP.  We wish to know whether you would like to travel across the Atlantic, to crew on the other side, or to join a rally somewhere near your home waters and offer berths to members who fly over – or both!


Michael Smith, Secretary - email